Helping You Discover Your True Purpose, Potential And Passion.

Create A Life That You Love


I am Tola-Maria – a Life and Wellbeing Coach helping people maximize their full potential, reach their goal or make a change in your life for the better.

I’m inspired by transformation and helping people create true happiness, and attain a sense of peace both personally and professionally.

 I believe you can achieve your personal and professional goals with life coaching, and enjoy a new outlook on life.

This is why I care deeply about….

  • Moving from auto-pilot to restoring meaning and purpose into your life

  • Unlocking your innate gifts, talents and potential

  • ​Creating practical action plans to help you achieve your goal

If you feel it’s time to act, please contact me today to schedule a consultation.

Together we will create the change that will inspire happiness in your life.

Here Are The Services That I Offer

Select The One That Describes You

Self esteem doesn’t come from having the shiny things of life. A healthy self esteem makes you courageous, able to stand up for yourself and build healthy relationships.

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If you perceive yourself as inferior to others, inadequate, incompetent or undeserving of any good thing – that is low self-esteem.

Are you tired of living a life that is less than satisfying? Are you sick of accepting the unacceptable in relationships?

  • Do you lack confidence?

  • Do you put other people's happiness before you own?

  • Are you experiencing or having self-sabotaging thoughts that are stopping you from pursuing your goals and dreams?

Achieving professional goals or making any kind of career change can be difficult, overwhelming and stressful for anyone. I understand that. 


In these times you need guidance and a support system. Working with a career coach can make the difference between achieving your career goals and falling short of them. 

  • Do you feel like you are losing your passion for work?

  • Do you struggle to know what you are good at?

  • Do you need help exploring your career options? 


Just about everyone has a vision of their ideal life. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of being a successful corporate executive, a business person, writer, or a musician but you haven’t made this vision a reality yet.

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If that is the case, then a coach might just be exactly what you need! 
Through my coaching process, you will gain clarity and get support and guidance along your journey of transformation as you work towards reaching your full potential.

  • Do you feel uncertain of what you want and who you are?

  • Do you feel a sense of worthlessness?

  • Do you struggle with being in the present moment and consistent thinking of what’s next and have anxieties about your future? 

Grief Coaching

“Death is not the greatest loss. The greatest loss is what dies within us when we live.” – Norman Cousins


Sometimes life comes at us very fast, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond to certain situations.

If left unchecked, grief can lead to health problems, depression, addiction, obesity and suicide…all a result of concealing feelings instead of letting go.

I can help you come through the grief, the questioning period and the emotional pain with a clear plan to move forward into your best possible life.

  • Struggling to understand a death of a loved one?

  • Have feelings of guilty for moving on with your life?

  • Want to receive emotional and practical support on how to accept your lost?

*Grief isn't just about loss or death, it can be grieving the life you think you should or would of lived or the paths you did not take.  

It's about letting go, moving on and making peace with the past in order for you to create a future life that you are proud of. *

Helping You Discover Your True Purpose, Potential and Passion.
Create A Life That You Love 


" Decide what you want. Declare it to the world. See yourself winning. And remember that if you are persistent as well as patient, you can get whatever you seek."  Misty Copeland  (Principal Dancer, For American Ballet Theatre) 

I want to make you feel great about being you. I truly believe that you can live a life that gives you complete joy and fulfilment.  I will empower you with tools that will help you regain confidence and gain clarity about your future.

Encourage you to grow and reach your full potential.  

My aim is for you to feel empowered about your life and the direction that it is heading.


You will come away from the coaching session with the following:


A sense of clarity about you future and a peace of mind that you are taking control and making positive decisions in your life.

A greater love and respect for yourself


Recognising your true passion and talents, I will challenge any self-sabotage thoughts that you have that stop your for being the best version of you.

Allowing you to be bold and to brave, making choices that will empower you.

Giving yourself permission to be you and be grounded in your personal power and true.

I will happily answer any questions or queries that you may have.


" Decide what you want. Declare it to the world. See yourself winning. And remember that if you are persistent as well as patient, you can get whatever you seek."

Misty Copeland  (Principal Dancer, For American Ballet Theatre )