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Career Coaching 


Do you want help with setting attainable goals and a plan of action?
Getting a work and home life balance and manage personal priorities?
Need encouragement with returning to work after long-term leave or sickness? 

Do you feel like you are losing your passion for work?

Do you struggled to know what you are good at?

Do you need help exploring your career options?

Are you having thoughts and feelings that stop you from pursuing your dream career?

Are you struggling in gaining confident in returning to work or finding your passion and drive?

These sessions will help you:

- Get clarity about your career goals. 
- Identify your core values, strengths, skills and achievements.
- Learn practical tools to build your confidence, including strategies and techniques  to achieve your goals.
- Get advice on your CV and develop a career plan.

We will work together in removing the self-sabotaging thoughts that are holding you back and are preventing you from living your full potential.

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