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Grief Coaching


Healing Through The Pain of Loss

“The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it.”

Quote from the Lion King 

I will be providing emotional and practical support after the death of a loved one. I will be helping you accept your loss and to help you regain a sense of hope and peace in your life. Encouraging you to move forward and to smile again.... Whenever stage you are in your grief journey. 

Through my own experiences with loss, I understand how difficult it is trying to manage your way through these traumatic and life changing events. That’s why I’m passionate about helping you to be kinder to yourself on your healing journey.  Feel better and hopeful about your present and your future.  To rebuild the life you desire completely at a pace that you feel comfortable with.

The way that I describe losing a loved one is that time really makes a  difference and is a healer. I always say that I can't remember the pain and numbness I felt that moment I knew that person was never coming back again. All I remember is that I was in physical and emotional pain.


Over time that painful feeling has gone and I remember the memories of love, laughter, the life lessons and values that my parents and grandparents installed in me growing up and the overwhelming sense of how loved I was (and still am).

I have a amazing appreciation of the wonderful foundation they gave me. 


In my story I explain the deaths that I have experienced and what it has taught and made me realise about life. We have to honour and learn from the past and  not let our tragedies define us. We only live once and we owe it to ourselves and the ones we lost to live a life full of love.  

*Grief isn't just about loss or death, it can be grieving the life you think you should or would of lived or the paths you did not take.  It's about letting go and making peace with the past in order for you to create a future life that you are proud of. *

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