Life and Wellbeing Coaching

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Are unable to enjoy and relax in certain situations?
Do you feel that you struggle with having a sense of direction in your life?
Do you struggle with being in the present moment and consistent thinking of what’s next and have anxieties about your future?  

Having regrets about previous choices that you feel are affecting your future?
Do you have self-sabotaging thoughts that stops you from pursuing your personal and professional goals?

Do you feel uncertain of what you want and who you are?

Do you feel a sense of worthlessness?

These sessions will help you:


- Get clarity about your what your life goals are.

-Identify your core values, strengths, skills and achievements.

 -Challenge and change your negative thought process. 

- Learn practical tools to build your confidence, including strategies and techniques  to achieve your goals.

- Set weekly goals that will help you achieve any personal and professional  aims that you have.





We will work together in removing the self-sabotaging thoughts that are holding you back and are preventing you from living your full potential.