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Self Esteem Coaching 

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Do you have feelings  of shame and guilty?
Are you unable to ask for what you need?
Do you feel you are lacking self-esteem and confidence in taking steps to achieve your personal or professionals’ goals?

Do you lack confidence?

Do you put other people's happiness before you own?

Do you have an overall negative outlook on life? 

Are you experiencing  having self-sabotaging thoughts that are stopping you for pursuing goals and dreams?

These sessions will help you:

- Identify your core values, strengths, skills and achievements.

- Learn practical tools to build your confidence, including strategies and techniques  to achieve your goals.

_We will work together using specific tools and techniques that will untangle these negative thoughts patterns.

Taking you steps closer to be the better version of you.

-Set weekly goals  that will help you improve your self-esteem.



We will work together in removing the self-sabotaging thoughts that are holding you back and are preventing you from living your full potential.

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